Diamond Jacquard Collection

Now Everplush® Technology is available in beautiful, heathered colors. Luxuriously soft, zero-twist cotton is woven over our performance core in our unique diamond jacquard pattern. Everplush® Jacquard Collection towels adds a natural hue to your bathrooms while still giving you the absorbency, and long lasting softness of Everplush® cotton. Experience the difference, experience Everplush®.

What is Everplush Technology?

Everplush® technology is the latest in textile innovations. Patented in Asia, Europe, and the United States, this textile technology brings together the unique performance advantages of a micro-absorbent core with the soft, luxurious quality of zero-twist cotton. The high performance Everplush® core gives our bath towels 7x higher water absorbency than ordinary cotton towels. And because of the shape-retaining properties of microfibers, Everplush® bath towels stay soft and fluffy even after dozens of washes! Our Everplush® bath towels dry in less than 30 minutes, which means that you save on energy. Replace your old, stiff towels with the patented fluffiness of Everplush®, and showering will never be the same again!