Not An Ordinary Towel...

everplush towel structure

Cotton + Microfiber = Better Performance. Every Time. Ever Plush.
Each towel is woven with a high-tech core made of microfiber. This core pulls water away from your body, drying you faster than ordinary cotton towels. Your skin only feels soft plush cotton and the towel performs like microfiber. It's like having two towels in one. 
quick drying technology everplush odor resistant everplush technology microfiber towel
Dries you off instantly Naturally Odor Resistant

How does Everplush Technology Work?

 ordinary cotton towels Everplush core

Instant Absorption: specially designed fibers pull water away from you and into the center of the towel at lightning fast speed. Ordinary cotton towels can't do that!

Quick-Dry Odor Resistant: breathable core allows moisture to evaporate quickly, keeping towels dry, clean, and fresh smelling. Other cotton towels hold moisture and stops air flow - causing them to become smelly even after just a few hours!

Visibly Lint Free: microfiber core keeps cotton secure so pilling isn’t visible to the naked eye

Ever soft, Everplush: Everplush cotton gets softer and softer with every wash because the microfiber core keeps it in check! Everplush towels will undoubtedly last longer than an ordinary cotton towel! 


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