An Everplush Towel is...

Absorbent towels don’t dry quickly, and quick dry towels don’t absorb a lot of water. Now there’s a towel that absorbs a lot of water and dries very quickly, and drying off will never be the same. Powered by Everplush® technology, Everplush bath towels are plush luxury that perform and last.

Using patented Everplush Technology®, our towels absorb more water, dry faster, and last longer than regular cotton towels.

What is Everplush Technology®?

We want our customers to have a towel that works better for their everyday life. It needs to soak up more water than a regular cotton towel, dry faster, and feel softer. That’s where Everplush comes in. Everplush towels feel like soft, plush cotton on the skin, but perform like microfiber. Outer loops of zero-twist premium-quality cotton feel soft, while the inner loops of microfiber absorb 3x more water, and dry off your skin faster than regular cotton towels. 

Everplush towels will keep working wash after wash, unlike regular towels that lose their absorbency and softness over time. All of our towels absorb up to 8x their weight in water, and stay absorbent even after 100 washes—3x more than regular cotton towels, which can wear out after a couple of washes. That's because the dual loops of Everplush pull moisture into the towel so your towel feels dry as you dry off!

With Everplush Technology®, our towels also dry 30% faster than normal cotton towels, so they’re ready to use again fast! This faster drying time also means that there is less of a chance of a musty smell, so fewer washes are needed between uses. That’s less laundry, and less water used.

Traditional cotton towels wear down, become thin, and lose their absorbency as time goes on. Everplush Technology® ensures our cotton loops stay intact, so they avoid shrinking after drying, consistently stay absorbent, and have a longer lifespan.

Everplush stays true to its name, outlasting ordinary cotton towels while staying super soft, luxurious, and absorbent with every use.