Frequently Asked Questions

COVID-19 Response:

Covid-19 has disrupted the world, but Everplush is an essential business in WA State. We produce personal protective equipment (PPE) and have made all of our civilian standard masks available to our consumers in the US. We do not anticipate any major disruptions to our ability to fulfill orders; however, if you are experience an issue with your order please contact us through email at or message us directly on Facebook or Instagram. 

We thank you for your continued loyalty to Everplush and hope you are staying safe amid these unprecedented times. 



Trying out a new product can be daunting! Luckily, we've provided some responses to frequently asked questions about our products. If you have a question not answered here, please email us at We update our FAQs regularly based on user feedback.

Thank you for choosing Everplush for your home linens needs!


There's lint from my Everplush towel! What do I do?

No matter the towel, lint happens. We only use the highest quality cotton fibers from China, India, and Pakistan. However, no towel is immune to lint. While Everplush technology resists shrinkage, your first couple of washings will likely have some lint. The linting will not affect the absorption, drying time or softness of the towel. 

How do I wash my Everplush towel?

We recommend washing Everplush towels separately from your other garments. Treat them like you would treat your favorite pair of yoga pants or activewear! Machine wash warm; tumble dry low. 

If a washing machine is unavailable to you, we suggest hand washing the towels in warm water with a mild detergent and letting them hang dry in front a fan or where a breeze is available.

Do not use chlorine bleach; if you must use bleach, do not soak the towels in bleach since this will impact their absorbency and softness. 

How do I wash my microfiber mask?

We recommend to clean the mask every 3-4 days in a mesh wash bag or by hand. Use a neutral detergent, diluted with water no hotter than 104 F. Do not use chlorine bleach; do not dry clean. For machine washing: recommend using a mesh wash bag on delicate setting with warm water. Light detergent. Hang Dry recommended. Machine tumble dry low (if using a mesh wash bag).

There's loose threads on my Everplush towel! What do I do?

While loose threads do not affect the absorbency or quick-drying features of the Everplush towels, they are a nuisance! We suggest using a pair of fabric scissors to cut the thread. Do not pull any loose threads as that can make the issue worse. If there are multiple instances of loose threads on the same towel, please email use at with photos of the towel so we can correct the issue on our end.