About Us

A family of brands, welcome to the Everplush lifestyle!


Everplush Company develops high performance textile technologies for home linens, athletic and outdoor goods. We are passionate about improving the things we use everyday, and making life a little better with every product.

Soft, yet effective. True to our name, all Everplush products are soft, cozy and reliable. At the core of our products is a thirst for high performance, and we hold several patents on the technologies we employ.

Doing our part for the planet. We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our products and our packaging. Sustainability is part of our brand DNA, and we are constantly developing innovative products that have a measurable, positive impact on the environment.

Sharing more about our supply chain. We are committed to supply chain excellence by being as transparent about our manufacturing practices as possible. We love our company and want our customers to get the information they desire to make the best purchase.

Building Knowledge, one towel at a time. Core to our brand DNA is sharing our passion for textiles with our customers. Everplush isn't just about delivering high quality performance products to our customers, it's also about sharing knowledge about our products and giving our customers the best resources possible to make the best purchase for them. Everyone wins when knowledge is shared.

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