Our Story

Our Story:

At the beginning of the 21st century, our CEO patented a really cool technology that combines natural and synthetic (human-made) materials. The technology improves the softness, durability and overall performance of towels and terry fabrics. Thus, we named it Everplush®, in honor of this everlasting softness. We loved Everplush® Technology so much we built an entire bath linens brand around it. Learn More about Everplush Technology


Over 25 Years of Microfiber Technology Innovation:

Everplush owns and operates 13 factories in China. We're a family business with roots in China and US. While we love our Everplush bath linens, our factories have been producing innovative microfiber products since 1992! Just a few things that we're responsible for:

  • Combination Microfiber Technology: our products are made with microfiber from polyester and polyamide. The combination of these two materials is what makes our fabrics perform well for you. We make microfiber from some of the largest brands in the world, and our microfiber memory foam bath mats are used to keep homes, businesses, hospitals, restaurants and more clean! 
  • Certified Recycled Microfiber Products: we're the only manufacturer of microfiber yarns that make them with recycled plastic bottles! Each of our microfiber cleaning cloths comprise of 2-3 20 oz plastic bottles. 
  • Memory Foam Rugs & Mats: we've mastered the technology for absorbent memory foam floor products and support retail brands with our products. You might even have one of our mats in your home right now!
  • Silver Ion Technology: some of our products use the natural antimicrobial benefits of silver, which helps products last longer and resist odors. Take chemical-free cleaning to the next level with our silver ion microfiber!


Have an idea for a product? Please reach out to us! We love working with brands and entrepreneurs to support the next great innovation in textiles!