Not Your Ordinary Towel

Loops of cotton as soft as a cloud, with hidden microfiber loops for extra strength and durability. We developed Everplush Technology to improve the quality and performance of everyday quick dry bath towels. With Everplush, you can fall in love with drying off again. 
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What exactly is Everplush Technology?

Everplush combines the best features of cotton and microfiber. The top loops are made of ultra-plush Zero-Twist cotton (a premium-quality cotton we source from Pakistan), and they are supported by a second set of loops made of combination microfiber (a yarn made of polyester and polyamide).

With each use, your skin only touches cotton, but benefits from the super absorbent, quick-drying power of the microfiber. The water in the cotton loops is absorbed by the microfiber loops so the towel instantly feels dry. We call this the Everplush core. The Everplush core also makes towels last much longer than their 100% cotton counterparts, getting softer over time, wash-after-wash.

Everplush Technology is luxury and performance in one. Try one today -  Shop the Diamond Jacquard Collection Now!