Not Your Ordinary Towel

We developed Everplush® Technology to improve the quality and performance of everyday bath linens. With Everplush®, you’ll have a consistently positive experience drying off in your bathroom.

What exactly is Everplush® Technology?

It’s a patented terry fabric that combines the best features of cotton and microfiber. The top loops are made of ultra-plush Zero-Twist cotton (a premium-quality cotton we source from Pakistan), and they are supported by a second set of loops made of combination microfiber (a yarn made of polyester and polyamide). With each use, your skin only touches cotton, but benefits from the super absorbent, quick-drying power of the microfiber. The water in the cotton loops is absorbed by the microfiber loops so the towel instantly feels dry. We call this the Everplush® core. The Everplush® core also makes towels last much longer than their 100% cotton counterparts, getting softer over time, wash-after-wash.

In sum, Everplush® Technology feels like a luxury towel, but absorbs more water and dries much faster than a normal cotton towel. 


The Everplush towel is fluffy soft with dual layers. On the exterior of it, zero twist cotton with the longest possible threads are woven together for maximum softness. On the inside is a premium microfiber core, an even softer material than cotton!


An Everplush towel can hold 3x more moisture than a usual towel. Our performance core made with high quality microfiber which is extremely absorbent material that is the center to our best features. Not only is it fast at absorbing but it can hold a lot.


The dual layer technology is expertly constructed to prevent any lint from falling out and onto your skin. Due to unique core and dual loop structure, all the fibers and fabrics are secured and as long as you take care of it, it'll take care of you.


A huge benefit of Everplush technology is how difficult it is for odor-causing bacteria, mildew, fungus, and mold spores to make their homes in the towel. This means our towel doesn't stink after you use it for the week or if you forget to wash it routinely. While you should still wash your towels weekly, you can feel some relief washing it less often. 


With Everplush Technology, the days of a wet towel from earlier in the day or a towel coming out of a dryer still damp are now over. The Everplush Towel is fast drying and whether it is on the rack or in a dryer on low heat, it will evaporate moisture faster than just 100% cotton towels. 


Everplush technology allows our towels to last longer in-between washes and it also makes our towels softer after each wash. As a result, you can expect the Everplush towel to be ready for you every day. 

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