Not Your Ordinary Towel

Everplush Technology was made to improve all soft home linens and the very first thing we did was to make our own towel using this unique patented technology. If you're seeing this page, you may be wondering why an Everplush towel would be better than the usual 100% cotton towel in your bathroom. So let's talk about the usual towel. 
You have been using 100% cotton towels and by now you know what the standard towel features are. Every towel is marketed as soft, absorbent, and durable towels. But what happens after they are washed repeatedly is a different story. What we found was that after the first few washes, a regular towel loses absorbency, isn't soft or dry enough and is a breeding ground for bacteria and became smelly meaning it had to be thrown away. 

Why is Everplush different?

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The Everplush Towel was created to offer both performance and luxury in one product. We researched, tested, designed and produced each towel with premium materials. As a result we offer what will be the best towel you can own. 

Everplush Towel Features:

Soft Towels  

...a touching experience like none other.

The first thing you'll notice is how incredibly soft our towels are. Unlike some towel manufacturers that coat towels with fabric softener to deceive you of their softness, our towels maintain softness over time without relying on any chemicals. 

The Everplush towel is fluffy soft with dual layers. On the exterior of it, zero twist cotton with the longest possible threads are woven together for maximum softness. On the inside is a premium microfiber core, an even softer material than cotton!

At 500 GSM (grams per square meter, a measure of weight and quality), the towel is designed to delight the skin and provide luxurious comfort to the user instantly. 

...if a squeegee for the body existed, this is it.

You've just gotten out of the shower and you place the Everplush towel onto your skin. Instantly all moisture is absorbed into the towel's performance core leaving you dry and ready to go.

Our performance core made with high quality microfiber which is extremely absorbent material that is the center to our best features. Not only is it fast at absorbing but it can hold a lot.

An Everplush towel can hold 3x more moisture than a usual towel. Don't worry, our other features ensure this is never an issue. 


Lint Free Towels

... from the first wash on there is no visible residue.

Everplush towels are the towels that will leave no visible specks of lint on you after the first wash and have little-to-no lint in the wash cycle.

The dual layer technology is expertly constructed to prevent any lint from falling out and onto your skin. Due to unique core and dual loop structure, all the fibers and fabrics are secured and as long as you take care of it, it'll take care of you. more funky smells.

Recent research has suggested that the average cotton towel accumulates enough bacteria to require laundering every three days. That's hardly long enough for our busy lifestyles!

A huge benefit of Everplush technology is how difficult it is for odor-causing bacteria, mildew, fungus, and mold spores to make their homes in the towel. The Everplush core has a positive charge which makes it continually resistant to invasion by microbes.

This means our towel doesn't stink after you use it for the week or if you forget to wash it routinely. While you should still wash your towels weekly, you can feel some relief washing it less often. 

Odor Resistant Towels

Fast Drying Towels you can stay dry.

A towel should quickly evaporate moisture, whether it is on the rack, or in a dryer, but with the usual towel that has been washed frequently, that is hardly the case. 

With Everplush Technology, the days of a wet towel from earlier in the day or a towel coming out of a dryer still damp are now over.

The Everplush Towel is fast drying and whether it is on the rack or in a dryer on low heat, it will evaporate moisture faster than just 100% cotton towels. 



...even if you're too busy to wash them, they stay fresh.

Most people wash their towels every 2-3 days but we know everyone is getting too busy for that!  

Everplush technology allows our towels to last longer in-between washes and it also makes our towels softer after each wash.

As a result, you can expect the Everplush towel to be ready for you every day. 

Long Lasting Towels

We invite you to make the shift to Everplush. 

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