Everplush Towels - The Diamond Jacquard Collection

Everplush Towels - The Diamond Jacquard Collection


    Everplush’s Diamond Jacquard Bath Towels - The Crown Jewel of Luxury Bath Towels

    Designing luxury bath towels is not for wimps! Our designers evaluated hundreds of fabrics, weaves, and weights before selecting the perfect combination for Everplush’s award-winning Diamond Jacquard bath towel sets.

    There is a wide range of fabrics in the luxury bath towel space, cotton, rayon, microfiber, linen, and blended fabrics. Our Diamond Jacquard bath towels are made of 55% cotton, 40% polyester, and 5% polyamide. This unique blend makes our bath towels feel amazingly fluffy yet remarkably lightweight. According to Good Housekeeping™, they are the #1 Quick-Dry Towel available (out of the 70 brands tested).

    When you step out of the shower and dry off, we want you to feel like you’re spending a day at the spa. According to Tahlia, our white plush large bath towels have accomplished our mission:

    “These are the softest and most absorbent towels I have ever had. I have had them for a few weeks, and they have been washed several times. There is no pilling, or fading. I will probably buy this set in gray, for a contrasting color. Everplush is a good name for these towels.”

    Having bath towels that feel amazingly luxurious is only part of what makes up a high-quality luxury bath towel set. Bath towels need to be durable, super absorbent, and quick drying. In case you haven’t noticed, we demand a lot from our towels! Our Diamond Jacquard luxury white plush large bath towels are up to the challenge!

    Our premium zero-twist cotton technology delivers the touch and feel of cotton with the durability and absorbency of microfibers. Only the outer loop of cotton fibers touches your skin to provide the plush, luxurious feel our customers’ demand. Learn more about the technology here

    The microfiber inner loop enables the towels in the diamond jacquard bath towel set to absorb eight times its weight in water. The dual-loop technology significantly extends the life of our towels, especially compared to 100% cotton towels. 

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