Sustainability & Transparency

Sustainability & Transparency are core to our DNA. We save water, reduce emissions and share our efforts whenever possible. We share our supply chain and manufacturing practices with our customers because knowledge is power. Learning more about how things are made and how things can be made better means that our customers are equipped to make the best possible purchases for their lifestyle.

Our Materials

At Everplush, quality starts with the raw materials. And that means means knowing where everything comes from, and being conscious of their impact not only on the end product, but on the environment and people who work with them. 

Cotton - Cutting chemical use in half

Though a traditional towel material, cotton is also one of the most resource intensive crops in the world. Every 1 pound of cotton produced uses 3.6 pounds of carbon, 720 gallons of water, 3.2 ounces of pesticides, and 5.3 ounces of fertilizer. We cut those figures down by more than a half.

To help mitigate this, the Everplush core enables each towel to use 60% less cotton, without sacrificing the softness and traditional feel of cotton towels. We replace the woven structure at the center with our patented Everplush core, which provides higher absorbency and drying times than ordinary cotton.

How is our microfiber better than traditional microfiber?

To make 2,400 tons of microfiber every year, Everplush uses sustainable manufacturing practices that reduce carbon emissions and water usage. Just look at the results!

Everplush microfiber vs traditional


Our Causes

Mary's Place Everplush partnership

Being based in Seattle means being a part of the community. We support local organizations who are doing great things. Mary's Place is a shelter helping families in transition and single mothers and their children to have safe housing with a mission to ensure that no child sleeps on the street. We are proud to equip Mary's Place with clean, warm linens for their families to help out during difficult times. Because nothing says home like a great, comfy towel.

Find out more about Mary's Place here