About Us

Our Story

We’re passionate about giving our customers the best towel possible. That’s why we created Everplush.

Absorbent towels never dry quickly, and quick-dry towels don't absorb very much water. We set out to create a towel that does what it should do soak up a lot of water, and then dry fast. Our CEO created and patented a technology that combines a natural cotton loop over a microfiber loop. This design improves absorbency, dries out quickly, lasts longer, and feels like cotton on the skin. Our technology allows our towels to last longer than regular cotton towels, and become softer and more plush after each wash. They are always absorbent, and always feel like soft cotton.

Premium Quality Materials and Sustainability

Our mission is to make dependable, comfortable products for our customers that improve the drying-off experience, and make every day feel luxurious. All of our products are created by us, every step of the way. We focus on premium quality materials and performance that actually works to create soft, comfortable towels that make drying-off easy. We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible in our production and design. We start by using recycled materials in the production of our microfiber, and are constantly developing innovations to make measurable, positive impacts on the environment. Everplush towels are also developed to last longer between washes, helping customers reduce household water and energy consumption. A longer lifespan means fewer towel replacements, meaning less waste and more money saved.