Face Masks

Face Masks


    3-Ply Reusable Face Masks – Designed for Protection and Comfort

    For non-medical and first responders, there are endless options for Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) masks. Finding the balance between comfort and effectiveness is a struggle.  It seems the Center for Disease Control (CDC) regularly releases new and information. 

    Whether you are wearing a mask for personal protection or because it is required, you should invest in a high-quality 3 ply surgical face mask disposable. The 3-ply face disposable face masks are popular… but are they effective? Disposable masks are certainly better than not wearing a mask, but most reusable masks are not made as well as the 3-Ply reusable face masks.

    High-quality 3-ply reusable face masks have a triple layer design. When worn properly, the blend of the three layers reduces exposure to allergens, germs, and bodily secretions. 

    Most 3-ply reusable face masks have a breathable cotton layer that provides comfort and minimizes fogging.

    The second layer is a performance soft and flexible mesh layer that helps keep the mask’s shape. 

    The final layer is a microfiber layer that is a soft microfiber that resists odors, so the cloth mask does not start to smell while being worn.

    The three layers work together to provide comfortable and durable PPE for you and your family. 

    The reusable masks are available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. Most have adjustable ear loops and nose clips to ensure proper fit. 

    3-ply reusable face masks are more robust than their disposable counterparts and can be washed multiple times, extending their useful life. Due to the high-quality construction, reusable masks are more comfortable and provide superior protection than the 3-layer paper disposable masks.

    When selecting your PPE mask, make sure to evaluate the types available and make an informed decision based on your personal needs. These Disposable 3 ply surgical face masks are made from the finest materials.