Everplush Diamond Jacquard Bath Towel

  • $ 29.99

The Diamond Jacquard Collection is inspired by the traditional neutral tones found in everyday bath linens twisted by the innovative technology core to the Everplush® brand.

Cotton + Microfiber = Better Performance. Every Time. Ever Plush.
Everplush® brand Diamond Jacquard towels are powered by patented Everplush® Technology, which combines the softness of cotton with the performance of a microfiber towel. 

Everplush Technology: Everplush's dual layer technology features an ultra-fine zero-twist cotton woven over a strong, durable microfiber core. 

Instant Absorption: Instantly absorbs water and dries faster than 100% cotton towels.

Ever soft, Everplush: Softer and fluffier after every wash.

Visibly Lint Free: Visibly lint free on the first use.






Product Info and Dimensions:

Material: 40% Zero-Twist Cotton / 48% Polyester 12% Polyamide

Dimensions: 30 inches x 56 inches

500 GSM

Care Instructions:

Machine wash warm or cold water. Tumble dry low. Do not use bleach or softener.

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