Classic Dobby Collection

Classic Dobby Collection


    Everplush Classic Towels for Airbnb

    The Everplush Classic Dobby Collection offers the luxury of hotel towels with the performance of modern technology. Pure white with the subtle, elegant accent of a dobby stripe band across each end of the towel, your guests will feel like they're staying at a spa.

    Each towel is made from zero-twist, high loft cotton and an ultra-absorbent core. The towel core retains the shape of the towel and resists the buildup of odor-causing agents.

    Everplush bath towels stay soft and fluffy even after dozens of washes! Everplush is designed with repeated use and frequent washings in mind, and make the perfect linens for hotels, bed and breakfasts, and Airbnb hosts.  

    What is Everplush Technology?

    Everplush® technology is the latest in textile innovations. Patented in Asia, Europe, and the United States, this textile technology brings together the unique performance advantages of a micro-absorbent core with the soft, luxurious quality of zero-twist cotton. The high performance Everplush® core gives our bath towels 7x higher water absorbency than ordinary cotton towels. And because of the shape-retaining properties of microfibers, Everplush® bath towels stay soft and fluffy even after dozens of washes! Our Everplush® bath towels dry in less than 30 minutes, which means that you save on energy. Replace your old, stiff towels with the patented fluffiness of Everplush®, and showering will never be the same again!

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