Why You Should Invest In Better Quality Towels

Why You Should Invest In Better Quality Towels

It’s weird to talk about towels as a sound investment but from our perspective, Everplush towels are worthy of the financial investment. Sure you can go down to your local super store and pick up towels at a rollback or clearance price. But what do you actually get, 100% cotton towels that have the claim of being soft and absorbent? The claims may seem to be true the first handful of times you use them but have you noticed what happens over time? Towels lose their softness, they become less absorbent, and they quickly need to be replaced. Then you go right back to the same super store to pick up the same disappointing towel.

It’s not worth it! Einstein defined insanity as doing the same thing repeatedly and expecting different results. We believe this to be true when it comes to your bath towels. So stop the madness and try something new!

We here at Everplush have come up with a bath towel that is truly worth your hard-earned money. We have combined the performance benefits of microfiber and the soft and plushness of cotton to create a towel that performs not only the first time, but gets softer and feels better over time. Our microfiber core gives our towels a strong, long lasting foundation, while our cotton exterior exudes softness on your skin.

Yes we realize that our towels cost a bit more than your typical towel that you can find at your local super store, but our towels, over time, will be a sound investment, not only financially, but experientially as well.

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