Summer is here!

Summer is here!

June 21st is the start of summer in North America, we're excited to kick off the official season of bar-b-ques, picnics, and all things summer. 

The Everplush Company invites you to join us in celebrating this summer with our favorite towels by your side along with sunscreen and all of the necessary things to make your summer truly comfortable. 

We will be updating our summer happenings on our Instagram and Facebook so if you haven't followed us, we'd love to share with you here:

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Additionally, we're now back in stock with our Diamond Jacquard Towel and Towel Sets. If you don't know what our Diamond Jacquard is like, we have some feedback from our amazon customers to share here. 

"I love these towels! Very nice feel to them!" - Nancy in Indiana.

"I must admit that I had my doubts when I first opened the package. The towels seemed thin and rough. After two washings, they are soft and plump. The claims about quick drying are true. It is like drying off with a soft sponge. They never smell and do not show stains. I really like that they hold the smell of my fabric softener. I never write reviews, but in this case, just had to." - Carolyn in New York.

"The Towels were amazing! They dry fast faster than normal cotton towels. They also don't smell as fast as other towels where you have to wash them after one use. Probably the best investment, will buy more." - Julia in Washington. 



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