Summer is coming!

Summer is coming!

Summer is almost here! 

If you're keeping track of your calendar like us, the summer solstice will be here on June 21st. Traditionally, summer solstice marks the beginning of summer and with summer comes lots of fun activities! Now is a great time to grab one of our products as you go out for your adventures this summer. 

Check our our recommended products for various summer activities!

An Outdoors Towel for Hiking/Camping/Bike Touring: Biospired Footprint Pack Towel

A perfect towel for the weight conscious and time efficient traveler. The Biospired Footprint Pack Towel is a microfiber towel that feels like a feather in both softness and weight. It's the perfect complement to a pack that will be on you as you make your adventures in the beautiful summer weather. Use it to dry off after a sweaty day or after a much needed rinse in the water. It comes with a button loop so you can hang it up or on your bag and the Footprint dries quickly so you can store it or use it again.

Swimming Towel for Pools/Water Parks/Lakes/Oceans: Biospired Trek Towel

Biospired Microfiber towels are great for summer!

The Biospired Trek Towel is ultra absorbent and can absorb 10x more water than a traditional towel then dries in half the time which makes it perfect for your visit to water. Whether you are going to a water park, a swimming pool or an lake or ocean, bring a Trek towel along so you can dry off quickly after each dip. Our towel is fast drying and incredibly soft to the point where anyone else with a regular towel will ask you about yours and may even ask to borrow it because their towels will still be wet from the first time they used it. You can tell them where to get their own while resting dry and comfortably. 

Fitness/Yoga/Climbing Towel: Biospired Asana Towel

The Asana towel is ridiculously soft and absorbent so you can take it with you to soothe the stress of working out. Whether you do gym fitness, crossfit, yoga or climbing, the Asana towel will be ready to take the sweat off your skin. The hand towel can absorb more than traditional full sized cotton towels and is made with premium microfiber so you know it will resist smells and odors over time while performing exactly like you need it to. 

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