Preparing New Graduates with New Towels!

Preparing New Graduates with New Towels!


June is almost here and that means the next wave of college graduates are about to hit the job markets all across the United States. Parents everywhere will find the process of preparing for graduation is almost identical to the process of preparing for them to go off to school -- you just need to provide the necessities and they'll figure the rest out. 

So what kind of necessities would a fresh college graduate need?

A new car? Expensive!
Money for rent/bills? Likely! 
Professional attire for their interviews? Required! 
Fresh towels? Great idea!

Supporting your graduate after their graduation is just as important as before they begin college. It's a great time to show them the necessities they'll need around their home and a good way to show an important life lesson: that quality beats quantity, especially when it comes to towels. We think it's the best time to provide a necessary set of Everplush Diamond Jacquard towels. 

After all, they should be capable of showering every day by now, right?

Not only will you add a touch of class with our high quality towels but you will provide a long lasting, more absorbent than all others, and extremely soft towel for your graduate to use at the beginning of their road to a career. 

Our towels will be ready for when they need to shower twice a day and as they adjust over the next few years. Even if you can't control how well they interview, you can make sure they enjoy getting ready to meet with their future employers by providing a plush and absorbent towel for their showers every day.

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