International Bath Day

International Bath Day

international bath day

On Wednesday, June 14th, celebrate International Bath Day with Everplush by your side. This upcoming Wednesday will be a great day to fill a bath for you or your kids and you can use this time to relax or to experiment with physics. That's right, Physics for kids can be taught on International Bath Day(IBD). Additionally, fans of Greek legends will love the story behind this special day.

The legend behind IBD is based on the greek mathematician, physicist, engineer, inventor and astronomer, Archimedes. A scientist during his life in 287 BC, he was called before his king to determine if his new gold crown was made of pure gold or if there were other metals mixed in.  At the time, there was no other known method of doing this other than melting the object but it was the king's crown after-all. Archimedes was facing a crisis of solving this question for the king. After racking his mind over and over for days and days he gets tired and decides to take a bath. Distracted, he overfills the bath and steps in. The water overflows and in the process, he discovers that an object's volume could be accurately measured by submerging the item in water and measuring the water that overflows(just make sure to fill the tub to the brim). After the revelation, he leaps out of the bathtub with excitement and yells, "Eureka, Eureka" as he runs through the streets of Syracuse, Greece. 

While we don't recommend doing the latter, we recognize that Archimedes came up with a method of measurement that is still being used to this day. For our readers, this is the legend behind IBD and we think it has two important ideas that we're observing.

First, an important human being who began humanity's knowledge of science and the world around us. Archimedes' birthday isn't known but it was said to be one week before the beginning of Summer which is traditionally acknowledged as June 21st on the summer solstice. We observe his birthday as bath day!

Next, the idea of setting aside time to take a bath and hopefully have a revelation of our own. Not all of us are parents but some of us could use a little bit of rest and relaxation in a bathtub. It's a great way to wind down a Tuesday evening.

This story is a great way to make bath time fun and full of discovery if you're a parent. You can teach your kids about basic properties of physics like empty vs full, floating, sinking, weight, cause and effect. You can even tell them about Archimedes and your little kid will be running off yelling "Eureka!". Just make sure to towel them off with Everplush towels before letting them run lose!

We hope you'll join us in celebrating bath day - use IBD2017 for 25% off a Diamond Jacquard collection order to receive a towel or a towel set for your home. We're looking forward to hearing about your experience on social media with the tag #internationalbathday and #everplush. 

In addition, here are some cool links related to Archimedes' descovery.

A comic for the legend of Archimedes.

General information about Archimedes

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