Biospired - for Fathers Who Do Fitness and Outdoors

Biospired - for Fathers Who Do Fitness and Outdoors

Fathers teach us a lot about life. Whether it's how to tie your shoe or how to prepare for your first date, they share their experiences and knowledge with us to help us be better prepared for and succeed in life. In the Pacific Northwest, fathers are a good source of information (and materials) on where to go hiking and camping and how to be prepared for the great outdoor adventures that lie ahead of us. Whether they are loaning us the right equipment or guiding us on the best route up the nearby mountain, they are always looking out for us and having our best interest at heart. 

As Father's day comes around and the weather gets nicer, it's the perfect opportunity to take dad hiking and camping as we approach the summer months. Instead of letting him pack an old, heavy, dingy towel in the rucksack, take a look at our Biospired line of camping and hiking towels. Our Biospired towels are light-weight, highly absorbent, and quick drying, a perfect upgrade for your outdoors dad. They also come with a built in snap loop to make it easier to hang your towel from a backpack or to hang dry them after use.

Even if he's not an outdoors dad, all dads will appreciate the technical advancements of our microfiber blended towels. They make a great addition to any gym bag since they are quick drying and absorbent, allowing your dad to focus his energy on his workout instead of worrying about funky mold growing on his towels.

So this Father's day, get him the ultimate in fast drying and highly absorbent microfiber towels. 

Don't forget! Father's Day is Sunday June 18th!


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