Get Ready, Dad!

Get Ready, Dad!

For many dads, their morning routine is sort of an afterthought. With the busy and stressful day ahead, many dads rush through getting ready and often times don't have the luxury of enjoying getting themselves prepared and ready for the day. 

That's why this upcoming Father's Day is a great time to remind dad to slow down and take care of himself, instead of just worrying about his job or his family. A great way to help him to do so is to upgrade your dad's towels in the bathroom. Why continue to let him use a 100% cotton towel that doesn't completely dry him off, loses its softness, gets moldy and develops a funky odor after only a short period of time?

Our Everplush Diamond Jacquard collection offers towels for every use, whether it is a bath towel for after a shower, a face towel for after a shave, or a hand towel for washing off and finishing off his morning routine. You'd be upgrading him from an ordinary towel to an extraordinary towel.

Our extraordinary towels are extra absorbent, always soft, resistant to odor causing mildew and bacteria, and lasts longer between washes.  Because when it comes to fathers that have taken such great care of you, you can return the favor by ensuring that he takes great care of himself. Our Diamond Jacquard Collection is available now, in advance of Father's day this upcoming June 18th.

Show your dad some Everplush love this Father's Day!



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