Towel 101: A Complete Buying Guide

Towel 101: A Complete Buying Guide

As far as simple pleasures in life count, there is much more than wrapping a soft, fluffy towel around yourself after a pleasant shower, but it can help get you off a good start. 

Towels are a matter of personal preference but choosing the right one makes a big difference. Whatever type it may be that you’re looking for a super soft bath towel, an ultra-absorbent kitchen towel, 100% cotton towels, or a microfiber quick-dry towel there are endless options available. 

Certain factors play a crucial role in deciding our definition of a perfect towel. The following tips will help you better understand what you need and get home the one that’s right for you.

Determine the right weight

Heavier towels are soft and absorbent, but you can’t always assess a towel’s weight and thickness, especially if you are shopping online. That’s where GSM comes in. The weight of a fabric is measured in GSM (grams per square meter), which refers to the fabric’s density. Towels are available between 300 to 900 GSM. 

Fabrics that range between 300 to 400 GSM will be lightweight and hence will dry quickly. Towels that have GSM value from 400 to 620 are perfect for bathing and guest rooms. Premium luxury towels measure between 620 to 900 GSM, making them denser and more absorbent. 

Find the purpose

What do you want the towel for? Go for cotton towels if you want something that’s super-absorbent. However, if you are looking for a quick-dry hair towel turban, choose microfiber towels. You can store them easily, and they dry quicker than other fabrics. Microfiber towels are also great for traveling and gym bags as they are light and small. 

Meanwhile, Turkish, Egyptian, and Pima cotton are durable, ultra fluffy, and beautiful. If you are interested in environment-friendly bathroom towels, bamboo towels will be right for you. They also have a natural luster and often are a mix of cotton and linen.  

The last ones are decorative towels; the most popular ones are either printed or embellished. If you want something incredibly fluffy, try terry cloth, a weave of tiny loops of thread that creates more surface area to absorb water. 

Pick color and style

Towels add a warm, finishing touch to bathrooms and kitchens. Stock your cabinets with towels that match the walls. You can even pick colors and styles that match the season; bright colors for summer/spring and pastel shades for winter/fall. However, if you are buying new towels to match your decor, jacquard, yarn-dyed, and gold dust materials are the best choices. 

Don’t get caught up in prices

Luxury towels aren’t always expensive. Just because a towel costs $100 doesn’t mean it will fulfill your requirements. The key is understanding the difference between a cheap, low-quality option and an affordable, good-quality one. You can go for a $100 towel, just don’t store it in the bathroom. 

Fall in love with the softness 

At Everplush, we have everything from classic hotel towels, Jacquard bath collection, kitchen towels, cleaning essentials, and super soft bath towels. We make every towel from our patented Everplush technology that gives towels the power to dry quickly, absorb a lot of water, and last longer. 

Unlike other towels, Everplush towels do not lose their softness and absorbing power over time. Shop our premium collection of towels available in a wide variety of striking colors, designs, and sizes.

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