5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Face Mask

5 Things to Keep in Mind When Buying a Face Mask

The COVID-19 pandemic has transformed how we live, work, and navigate public spaces, making masks and sanitizers the new normal. Much like phones, wallets, and keys, they have become necessary before stepping out of the house. 

Since the novel coronavirus is easily transmitted through the respiratory tract without people being aware of it, wearing masks has become crucial. Masks also work as a subtle reminder for others to maintain at least a 6-feet distance.

Though the sale of masks has risen exponentially during the pandemic, finding one that is both comfortable and keeps you safe can be tricky. Here is a small guide to help you make the right choice.


3 ply surgical face disposable masks need to be washed regularly with mild soap and water. Therefore, it’s advisable to inspect the quality of the material before buying it. If the mask loses its shape after the first few washes, it gets useless. Durability also depends on the type of fabric. Cotton, linen, and microfiber are long-lasting and don’t lose shape easily. 


A mask should fit comfortably around your face and ears, allowing just the right amount of air to breathe. If the mask is loose and slips from the nose, it’s failing its purpose. An adjustable nose clip and the elastic loop will ensure a more snug fit. Since one size doesn’t fit all, companies offer masks in various sizes and shapes. Find the one that suits your face’s shape and size. 


Many anti-pollution masks come with filters for an extra layer of protection. Some standard filters are PM2.5 and PM10 that protect the user from small harmful particles. If you're looking for durable masks, they should have a replaceable or removable filter that you can wash or change when necessary. Or else you will have to dump the mask once the filter has accumulated dust and droplets.

Masks with permanent filters provide more coverage and can be cleaned with a wet cloth to remove dust. If you live in an area of extreme pollution and dust, a mask with an unreplaceable filter should be ideal for you. 

What to avoid

Some masks can do more harm than good and should be strictly avoided. Refrain from using masks made of fleece, as they increase the number of respiratory droplets. Also, avoid masks made of handkerchiefs or neck gaiters as they are made of flimsy material and can’t protect you from infection. 

About Tricol and Everplush 

Tricol Clean and Everplush design products to solve masks’ pesky problem of being too hot to wear. We own and operate 13 factories in China for fully vertical microfiber products. Our CEO Mr. Hongwei Duan and the head of research, Ms. Sarah Wang, have developed the cooltouch mask. While spinning the microfiber yarns for the inner mask layer, we add jade to the thread as it doesn’t retain heat, making it perfect for summer. Moreover, the jade in the fiber never washes out and the inner fabric’s brushing ensures softness.

The outer layer of the mask leverages silver ion technology in creating microfiber. The silver content prevents the buildup of odor-causing microbes, allowing the product to stay fresher for longer. Both the inner and outer layers of the fabric are shrink-resistant. We use the same jade technology in our bedsheet sets and sports towels.

Every mask comes with a quality certificate, a resealable bag, and our factory’s contact information. The masks are available in multiple colors such as like silver, charcoal, sage, and royal blue. Our 2-ply cooling microfiber face mask is washable and reusable for over 300 times. Also, all our 650+ SKUs are available for private branding. If you want to know more, fill our contact formand we’ll get in touch with you.

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