5 Reasons Why You Should Use Microfiber for Cleaning

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Microfiber for Cleaning

You can use microfiber in a variety of ways to clean wet or dry surfaces. Its static charge makes it perfect for dry dusting and germ-free cleaning in kitchens and hospitals. 

Microfiber is also ideal for cleaning windows and glass, as it cleans all kinds of dust effectively. It's highly absorbent and soaks up liquid quickly in case of spills in the kitchen or the floor. 

Here, we share five significant reasons why you must have microfiber cloths in your cleaning arsenal.

Environment friendly

A 2002 study by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency found that their staff used 105 gallons of water with cotton mops, but only 5 gallons with microfiber mops to clean 100 rooms. Microfiber requires less water to clean than other traditional cleaning cloths, saving water at the individual and industrial levels. 

It also allows chemical-free cleaning, reducing the number of chemicals in wastewater. As chemicals flow into the drain with sewage, they are absorbed by water, soil, and air, making them toxic and harming the local flora and fauna.

Cost effective

The initial cost of a microfiber towel is higher than other cleaning fabrics. However, microfiber is an extremely cost-effective material for long-term use. Unlike cotton towels that wear out after heavy-duty cleaning, microfiber cloths have an extended life. Also, since they don’t need cleaning chemicals, they help individuals and companies save big on cleaning supplies.

Improved safety

A microfiber towel can remove bacteria by about 99% compared to cotton mops that reduce bacteria only by 30%. Therefore, it is a reliable fabric that helps prevent the spread of germs and infections. Also, microfiber mops are 10 to 20 times lighter than cotton mops. Because of their lightweight, they are a lot more convenient to use. 

Moreover, a microfiber cleaning cloth dries in one-third time it takes cotton cloths and other traditional fabrics, allowing floors to dry faster. It also decreases the risk of accidents because of post-cleaning wet floors.

Enhanced cleaning

Microfiber cloths have over 200,000 fibers per inch that help absorb their water weight by seven times. Therefore, they are more effective than traditional cleaning fabrics and chemical cleaners, which leave behind residue. Unlike cotton, microfiber cleans even the last bit of dirt and leaves behind a spotless surface.

Better health

Although cleaning products like Lysol are excellent disinfectants and pleasant smelling, they have chemicals hazardous to your health. Meanwhile, microfiber cleans without chemicals, totally minimizing your exposure to them. It's also great for deep cleaning and disinfecting, making it the best option to prevent cross-contamination.

Buy microfiber for your home or business

Microfiber is an efficient fabric that is perfect for all kinds of spaces—households, healthcare, janitorial, day-care, and automotive. Microfiber towels are a long-lasting and useful tool for high-quality cleaning.

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