7 Must-Have Cleaning Accessories for Your House

7 Must-Have Cleaning Accessories for Your House

Cleaning is neither fun nor something you look forward to doing on the weekends. Unfortunately, it’s necessary to maintain a healthy and hygienic living environment. Though it’s not enjoyable, you can make it convenient.

There are plenty of tools that can help you tidy up your home, making it less exhausting and time-consuming. Here we list seven cleaning accessories that every homeowner should have to simplify their daily/weekly cleaning.

Vacuum Cleaner

It makes cleaning effortless, especially in tough-to-reach places, and keeps them debris-free. Buy a cleaner with multiple heads; it will help you clean the house floor, pet hair, stairs, cars, carpets, furniture, and sofas easily. 

Mop with Bucket

A full house with children, pets, and a functional kitchen is bound to be messy. Buy a full-length mop with a bucket and give your back some rest. You can easily mop the floor with it once or twice a week. 

Broom with Dustpan

Get an angled broom and dustpan set with an extra-long handle, so you don’t have to bend before collecting dust in the pan. It also makes cleaning easy in the difficult to reach corners and under kitchen tables; all you have to do is to position the long broom at the required angle and clean.

Microfiber Towels

They can absorb seven times their water weight. They require just a little water and no chemicals for cleaning. Microfiber is excellent for cleaning mirrors, windows, and anything made of glass, as it doesn’t leave behind residue. 

Sponge Set

A wide variety of sponges are available in the market. Everplush offers a set of three sponges of varied sizes—two small sponges for cleaning everyday dishes and an oversized sponge for large cookware or utensils. Each sponge has one soft side (terry cotton and microfiber), and the other side is a delicate mesh for light scrubbing to give you optimum results. 

Dusting Mitts

A dusting mitt gives you the power of a microfiber cloth/towel as a wearable glove. Elastic band ensures that the mitt stays on your hand while you’re cleaning. Everplush offers a set of three dusting mitts in various colors. 

Scrub Brush and Toothbrush

Sponges or towels don’t work on nasty water stains. Therefore, you must keep an all-purpose scrub brush to clean tiles, tubs, and fixtures. If you have to fight tough water stains or other details, a toothbrush will do the job just right. You can use your spare toothbrush or buy a special curved cleaning brush for it. 

About Everplush Technology®

Upgrade your cleaning rack and get unique accessories from Everplush. Our patented Everplush technology® powers our products, so our towels absorb more water, dry faster, and last longer than regular cotton towels. 

We offer a wide range of cleaning essentials, including dusters, microfiber cleaning cloths, glass, window care, mitts, car wash sponges, gloves, rags, applicator pads, and best microfiber dish towels. If you have more questions or want to learn more about our technology, you can fill this contact form, and we will get back.

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