6 Benefits of Microfiber Hair Towels

6 Benefits of Microfiber Hair Towels

Microfiber hair towels are a relatively new self-care product, but they are quickly becoming popular among users. They offer a no-frizz way to dry wet hair, and unlike cotton towels, do not harm your natural hair. Microfiber towels are also gentler, lighter, more versatile.

Here we give you a low-down on the six significant benefits of using microfiber hair towels to help you decide why you should ditch traditional cotton towels for them. 

Minimizes frizz 

Conventional cotton terry towels have a coarse and abrasive texture prone to static build-up, which causes the hair to frizz into tight curls. Microfiber towels, in contrast, are smoother in texture. They are made of softer material, which results in less friction with your hair strands. 

Prevents snag

The tiny loops found in cotton terry towels get tangled with loose hair, which causes breakage when pulled. Microfiber interacts with your hair gently, which negates any possibility of hair damage. 

Reduces drying time

Microfiber is a synthetic fiber that is about 1/5 the width of human hair, which allows it to pack more threads into a compact, dense space. It dramatically enhances the material’s ability to absorb water. Therefore, it allows you to dry your hair much quicker. 

Gentle on the hair

You should use products that are not too harsh on your hair. Gentler material helps your hair stay healthy and beautiful. Microfiber’s smooth material eliminates the need to use it too rigorously, which reduces the chances of damage from excessive friction. 

Easy to pack

Traditional cotton bath towels, because of their bulky weight and size, are cumbersome to travel with. In contrast, microfiber hair turbans are lightweight, compact, and portable, which allows you to carry them with ease wherever you go.

Great for thick and long hair

It can be a challenge to dry thick hair down to its roots. Microfiber material truly shines when drying thick and long hair, as it actively draws water out of deep and dense strands. 

About Everplush Technology®

Hair turbans are one of the many microfiber products we offer at Everplush. It measures a compact 10” x 27” and comfortably twists around your hair for a snug fit. The towel comes with a loop and a button to help secure long and windy hair. The microfiber cloth dries hair quickly and efficiently without causing frizz. We offer hair turbans as a standalone purchase or in combination with matching bath wraps. 
Our patented Everplush technology®, used in all our microfiber products, ensures that the towels are durable and dry your hair thoroughly, quickly, and more effectively than regular cotton towels. We offer a wide range of cleaning essentials, including dusters, microfiber cleaning cloths, mitts, car wash sponges, gloves, rags, and applicator pads. If you have more questions or want to learn more about our technology, you can fill out this contact form, and we will get back.

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