All You Need to Know About Bath Wraps

All You Need to Know About Bath Wraps

You step out of the shower, flip your hair, wrap them in a towel, and start your day. Therefore, choosing the right towel is essential, as it can set the mood for all that follows next.

Regular towels are large, difficult to handle, and overweight because of their low-absorbent capacity. They do no good to your hair either, making them frizzy and luster-less. Terry cloth towels are popular for their absorbent qualities, but their fiber damages your hair and skin. Try Everplush bath wraps instead. They give the feel of cotton but act like a microfiber, giving you the best of both. They absorb water quickly and dry fast as well. 

Important details

Step out of the shower in style with Everplush technology-powered and patented bath wraps. We combine synthetic and natural materials to improve the softness, durability, and overall feel and experience. Some other features that make our bath wraps stand out from the competition are: 

  • Absorbent, quick to dry, and long-lasting
  • Have a snap button/loop enclosure to prevent the fabric from fraying during washing
  • Everplush bath wraps are now available in three sizes: XS-SM, M-L, and XL
  • Machine washable
  • Made of 55% zero-twist cotton, 40% polyester, and 5% polyamide
  • Available in 10 colors: white, gray, blue, white, mulberry, sage green, midnight black, periwinkle blue, cream, and pink. 

Why choose Everplush bath wraps?

  • Lightweight: Everplush bath wraps for body and hair are made from soft microfiber that absorbs extra water after a shower.  
  • Easy to wrap: Dodge regular towels and go for body wraps, which are adjustable and comfortable to wear. They come with an elastic top and snap closure, ensuring maximum absorption and no more slightly wet, patchy work clothes. 
  • Suitable for everyone: Use bath wrap after stepping out of the shower every day. You can get on with work as the microfiber towel dries your hair. You can also use Everplush bath wraps at spas, in college dorms, gyms, and locker rooms. 
  • Effortless washing: Hand wash or gentle wash microfiber body wraps. They get softer with every wash. 

About Everplush

Do you dislike using hairdryers and are wanting to change the way you dry your tresses? You might find it difficult to believe, but a hair towel can give you fuss-free dry hair. Trust Everplush technology-powered microfiber bath wraps to be your ultimate solution for wet hair. These easy-to-use hair turbans don’t just quick-dry your hair but also keep them soft. 

All you need to do is wrap your freshly washed hair in our light microfiber towel — place the towel around your hair, twist, and secure them with the snap button. A bath wrap towel will speed up the drying process while you get ready for the day. 

At Everplush, we have bath wrap towels for both body and hair. They are available in multiple colors and one standard size. Made from patented Everplush technology that combines synthetic and natural fibers to create a highly absorbed bath wrap, they will make bathing a more pleasant experience for you every day.

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