All About Kitchen Towels

All About Kitchen Towels

No matter however much you try to keep it clean, the kitchen is always a mess. That’s why you can never have enough kitchen towels. 

A kitchen towel is a savior. It’s utilitarian, it’s multipurpose, and it’s convenient. 

You can use it to clean, dry, hold, and wipe. Therefore, the kitchen towels you use must be durable, absorbent, and reusable. 

Because of their high utility value, kitchen towels need to be more abrasive than regular bath towels. At Everplush, we have taken them to the next level with our patented synthetic and natural fibers’ technology. Our dish and tea towels are made of high absorbing material that dries your dishes within seconds. The tea towels are available in various textures and colors, allowing you to pick and choose as per your decor. 

Check out the best kitchen hand towel with loops on our website! All our kitchen towels have loops for easy storage and drying. One of their sides is shiny for polishing cutlery, stemware, glassware and ensuring a smudge-free shine for your kitchenware. 

What to look for in kitchen towel

  • Size: You don’t need a giant towel, but folding into multiple layers increases usability. You can turn over the fold for cleaning utensils and surfaces. Larger towels allow quick drying of spilled liquids and can accommodate more veggies and herbs when drying.
  • Material: Though cotton towels absorb well, they are not durable. The material becomes rough on watching, and you can’t use them to clean glassware anymore. However, Everplush white kitchen towels are made of synthetic and natural fibers that enhance durability to withstand multiple washing.

  • Important details

    Everplush kitchen towels are available in various types and shades. We have microfiber tea towels, waffle dish towels, rayon windowpane kitchen, dish towels, recycled cotton kitchen towels, dishcloths, mesh scrubs, and bar mops and terry kitchen towels — all available in packs of 2, 3, 4, and 6. Some other features that make our towels stand out from the competition are: 

    • 12 x 16 cloths in cool and contrasting colors
    • Great for polishing glassware and stainless steel appliances
    • Quick machine wash 
    • Reusable
    • Made of 80% polyester and 20% polyamide
    • Scratch-free
    • Eco-friendly 
    • Powered by tricol intelligent microfiber

    Our range of kitchen towels

    Waffle dish towels: They come as a batch of six honeycomb towels for extra cleaning power. Powered by Tricol Intelligent Microfiber, they should be your go-to towels for drying dishes. 

    Tea towels: Its one side is made of high-performance terry to soak water, and the other is flat and shiny, which you can use to polish cutlery, glassware, and stemware.

    Ribbed terry cleaning cloths: Ribbed terry fabrics can handle the meanest kitchen tasks with ease. They pick up surface debris effortlessly while also absorbing and drying quickly.

    Recycled cotton kitchen towels: These multi-stripe towels are made from recycled cotton and are an excellent replacement for disposable paper towels and napkins.

    Bar mop towels: They are multi-purpose kitchen towels for quick drying with minimal effort. They feel like cotton but work like microfiber. 

    Get clean, durable towels from Everplush

    You need to have clean, absorbent, and reusable towels to keep your kitchen clean. If you are looking for towels that absorb spilled water with ease and hold up after extensive use, look no further. Let Everplush be your one-stop destination for all things towels. 

    We have the best quality absorbing kitchen towels that are easy to dry. We understand that you always need a fresh towel at hand. Thus, our kitchen towels come in sets of two, four, and six, so you have a dry towel available every time you need one. 

    Best kitchen towels for cleaning are available in multiple colors, sizes, and sets. All our bath and kitchen products are made from patented Everplush technology that combines synthetic and natural fibers to create highly absorbing products that last longer than any other.

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