Homebound Travel Towel

  • $ 16.99

Experience the natural touch of a cotton towel with the high performance quick dry action of a microfiber towel. It's the comfort of home in the wild outdoors. This towel is perfect for the person who loves camping & the outdoors, but doesn't want to sacrifice the home amenity of a cotton towel. While conventional cotton towels collect odors and mildew after several uses, the Homebound Towel contains a powerful microbe-resistant microfiber core, allowing for faster air-drying than normal towels. The Biospired Homebound Towel is guaranteed to be your go-to towel for all your sports and recreational activities. Perfect for Camping, Glamping, Yoga, Fitness, Mountaineering, Hiking and Backpacking!
  • Durable & Quick Drying - air dries in less than 1 hour
  • Antimicrobial - prevents buildup of mildew & odors that bind to cotton
  • Snap loop for hang drying
  • Air-Flow pouch clips to your backpack or bag for on-the-go drying
  • Ultra Absorbent - 3x its weight in water
  • 70% Cotton, 30% Microfiber (24% Polyester, 6% Polyamide)
Product Dimensions
  • Small Camp Towel 10 in. x 14 in. / 1.2 oz
  • Medium Camp Towel 12 in x 22 in. / 2.6 oz
  • Large Camp Towel 16.5 in. x 36 in. / 
  • X-Large Camp Towel 24 in. x 54 in. / 
Care Instructions - Machine wash warm or cold water. Hang dry or tumble dry low. Do not use bleach or softener.

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